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One week after the release of XF2 Beta 1, we are now ready to release our second beta, both of XenForo 2 and the official XenForo 2 add-ons.

Much attention has been paid to the feedback we've received regarding the upgrade process, and we've worked hard to mitigate various problems that have been reported, so hopefully the upgrade process will be smoother this time around.

We've also been busy squishing bugs, and many of the more serious or pressing issues have been resolved.

You won't find much in the way of new features in this release, as we are concentrating on getting the code to the point where it can be declared stable rather than adding new stuff, but one exception to this in in the Quick Thread system, where it is now possible to attach files without having to visit the full editor page.

Once again, please pay attention to the following warnings:

XenForo 2.0 is a significant upgrade from...
We are happy to announce that XenForo 2.0.0 Beta 1 is now available to all customers with active licenses. XenForo 2.0 includes a large number of changes, both to the underlying structure of the code and the exposed features. More details can be found in the have you seen forum.

We have previously released a number of developer previews to enable customers and developers to get a first-hand look at the XenForo 2 code, experiment with the new architecture and features, and prepare themselves for the time when XF2 becomes our stable and supported version. The developer previews were invaluable in identifying bugs and usability issues. However, the developer previews were limited in one crucial way -- the upgrade system was disabled in order to prevent anyone from attempting to migrate their live, production forums from XenForo 1.x to the new code.

Today, we have reached a new milestone with the release of our first...
[ข่าว] Welcome to XenForo 2
Today, we have taken a major step forward in the move to make XenForo 2 our primary, stable and supported platform. While we have run a XenForo 2 demo since November, the main community site has remained on XenForo 1.x during development. After ten public developer previews, we now consider XF2 to be ready for further duties, and therefore we have upgraded our own forums.


XenForo 2 represents a significant technological advancement over XenForo 1. The entire software architecture has been rewritten for enhanced efficiency, stability and speed of development. Systems such as XF2's entities provide for easy, rapid, error-proof fetching and manipulation of data, allowing new features and add-ons to be developed with hitherto unseen speed and reliability (1),...
[ข่าว] XenForo 1.5.14 Released
Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.14. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the previous release. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Some of the changes in this release include:
  • Fix an issue with Chrome's XSS auditor when submitting content using the rich text editor in certain scenarios.
  • Prevent warnings from being inserted in an expired state.
  • Fix a situation where message counts would be adjusted incorrectly when approving a thread while moving it (such as in the spam cleaner).
  • Add "nofollow" to certain links related to the find new system.
  • Adjust the naming of filter list cookies to be shorter and not include query string params.
  • Prevent an error in the RSS feed importer relating to an invalid Atom feed.
  • Prevent the RSS importer from failing to import a feed if the feed contained multiple entries with the same ID.
  • Disable user mention processing...
XenForo Media Gallery 1.1.13 is a maintenance release for our media gallery add-on. We recommend all customers running XenForo Media Gallery to upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability.

This release fixes several issues:
  • More clear display of deletion log entries for media and albums
  • Ensure that content from child categories is not shown in container categories when there's no permission to view the child categories
  • Better handling of uploads to ensure we don't accidentally infer the incorrect type
  • Prevent an error when hard deleting albums
  • Ensure the watermark rebuild applies the current watermark to applicable images
  • Hide the gallery BB code editor button from guests
  • Always display a description of some sort for the social metadata
  • Ensure entry points into the find-new system are set to 'nofollow'
For the full list of bug fixes, see the Resolved...
[ข่าว] XenForo 1.5.13 Released
Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.13. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the previous release. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Some of the changes in this release include:
  • Disable the HTML5 uploader for older versions of Android (< 5, not using Chrome) due to incompatibilities.
  • Prevent the HTML5 uploader from creating a horizontal scrollbar with very small windows.
  • Fix an issue reverting message edits if not all of the edits could be reverted in one batch.
  • Add several new indexes for performance benefits in specific cases.
  • Ensure that several additional types of content are updated correctly when merging users.
  • Capture errors parsing bounced emails and log them for future analysis.
  • Prevent recursive calls to the image proxy by short circuiting to the final image.
  • Limit the number of image proxy records removed at a time to prevent memory...